ES-FY New Fast Electric Scooter 60V/72V 1000W Adult Brushless Hub Motor Electric Motor Scooter for S

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Product DeDescription:



Max. Motor power(W)

1500W DC Brushless motor


48V/60V 20AH lead-acid battery

Front brake

disc brake

Rear brake

disc brake 




300-10 vacuum tyre

Charging times

lead-acid ≥ 350times



Max speed


Runing distance


Rated loading


Capacity of battery


Rated volte


Motor type


Rated climb capacity


Rated input volte



110v/220v 50-60Hz

Charging time




Packing size


Container loading

26pcs/20GP, 84pcs/40HQ


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As a factory, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction. So the following is a number of electric scooter maintenance tips

  1. To the battery scooter charging time can not be too long, overcharge will lead to long battery heating, speed up the battery scrapped speed. In theory, after the full discharge, the battery in accordance with the 0.1 standard charge (battery standard charge), 10 hours or so can be filled, consider the charger efficiency and battery depreciation factors, the general charging time between 10 hours to 12 hours , The limit should not exceed 16 hours. Many people have misunderstanding, that the charger is smart charging, how to charge does not matter, and thus continue to open the charger for a long time, so not only detrimental to the charger, but also damage the battery.

  2. The number of rechargeable batteries is limited, good battery theory can reach about 1000 times, the general electric scooter battery can rush about 300 times on the good. Therefore, as far as possible in the case of electricity recharging to extend the battery life. In addition, do not over-discharge, the battery is often serious undervoltage, will lead to accelerated scrapped, a new generation of controllers have undervoltage protection, the old controller may not be under-voltage protection, so this situation in particular need to pay attention to avoid frequent owe Pressure.

  3. Electric scooters even if not ride, the battery will discharge, a lot of electric scooters put on a week to two weeks will basically put the end of the electricity. Therefore, in order to protect the battery, in the case of non-riding, every week or two weeks to charge once, the specific charging interval to the trolley battery discharge speed may be. Go out a year or so, no one at home with the scooter, so long time idle electric scooter case, it is best to remove the battery wiring, at least the negative wiring should be removed, this can slow down the battery discharge, Battery.

  4. Sometimes the charger is broken need to be replaced, it is best in accordance with the original charger output parameters to re-purchase the charger, do not listen to other people's suggestions to buy the so-called fast charge charger. Standard charging, although slower, but is conducive to protecting the battery life, often fast charge will speed up the battery scrapped. In addition, some advanced charger charging time adjustable, that is, you can adjust the charging current or charging voltage, in order to achieve fast charge, the standard charge and slow charge, in addition to emergency vehicles, or not recommended to use fast charge.

  5. Electric scooters are often used in the battery pack, when the battery capacity greatly decreased, many people in order to save the money, often come up with such a way: only to replace some of the worst storage capacity of the battery (often buy Some second-hand refurbished battery replacement, rather than with the new), the replacement of the battery when they often do not consider the battery specifications and brand, as long as the output voltage can be consistent. Not recommended to do so, the battery specifications are not uniform, not only will speed up the battery scrapped speed, but also may damage the motor and other parts. To replace the battery, it is best to replace the entire group of uniform specifications of the battery pack.

  6. Many electric scooters use the battery, although known as dry powder battery, in fact, not just dry powder battery, just sealed up maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. Due to frequent overcharging heat caused by acid leakage, some batteries in the use of how long after (far from the battery scrapped time), often on the power capacity is poor, this situation is not the battery scrapped, but the battery electrolysis Liquid too little, many people do not understand this truth, that is the battery scrapped, and often re-purchase the battery pack. In fact, this battery can repair their own, the lid open the lid, and then into the battery can be injected into the electrolyte. Battery electrolyte replenisher in the auto parts with friction repair and other shops are sold.

  7. After the electric scooter charging, in the power, you must first pull the charger power plug, and finally pull the charger with the tram connection plug. If in turn, it is possible to burn the battery or the charger, burn the charger more likely. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check whether the electric scooter line leakage or insulation damage to prevent the leakage when the electric shock, more important is to prevent the charge or driving short-circuit fire, and poor line insulation will speed up power consumption.

  8. Electric scooter line connector, and battery wiring, should regularly check whether the loose, the focus is to check the oxidation of the line connector, once loose or serious oxidation, not only affect the driving performance, but also lead to line and battery fever, reduce battery life , Will also cause a serious fire.